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Hi Jed
Just heard about Bruce's re-release on some other little forum... Great model, I had a little hand in altering the design somewhat to use electric power - did the woodwork mostly, after eleven years with an electric Four Star 40. Bruce did sell some of the electrocuted V60 kit, with the mods and altered plan.

Battery hatch. The V60E pre-dated LiPos in sizes and capabilities for models like that, but much the same should apply. First off, suggest you build the wings, stabs and as much as the fuselage as you can, stop before you apply the forward top sheeting to the fuselage, put it all together with the expensive bits (radio gear!) in place and see how the balance is going - you can just lay the battery atop the fuselage. Make allowance for covering and any bits you can't fit, and you will have a good idea where the battery needs to go to maintain balance.

What we did on the V60E - and hundreds of Four Stars various - was to open up the top of the former at the wing LE so the battery could drop in the top with nothing in the way. Hope the attached shots show this clearly enough. The fuselage sides on mine were reinforced by a strip of 1/4 x 1/8" spruce glued to the side's inner top edges. Though it looked a little 'open', that model flew for 11 years, had the odd 'unusual arrival' and survived life at 5.5lb or so and 600W. The hatch went too far forwards, which I never got around to fixing.

Putting the battery where the fuel tank used to live is fine if (A) The model balances, and (B) All your batteries weigh the same. An ounce difference that far forwards, with no way of moving the pack to compensate, shifts the CG enough to make a difference.

The hatches on my 20 and 40 were made by cutting the top deck, then building the hatch to fit in the space and match the end profiles. Much easier on the 20, which has a constant section top hatch, not the tapered one of the 40.

The 4*40 is about the most popular kit 'electrocution' ever, and all of what folk have done to the Four Star series can be applied to the V60E. Not sure about the canard built around a wooden walking crutch and a Four Star 60 wing though, but it flew great all the same. You will have a superb sports aerobatic model, but if you fancy making life a little more exciting, many folk have done clip-wing versions of the Four Stars and V60 - one tip bay removed per side.

Good luck with your project

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