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Hi Jed
You've made a good choice in the V60, it'll give you some great sports aerobatic flying. Balance is now the big issue, where it used to be weight when the equivalent of a 4s pack up around 4000mA weighed maybe 30 oz. Our motors are a lot lighter than their glow lump equivalents, which can play havoc with a CG. They're also shorter, which leads to issues of fitting them to glow firewalls, but reckon you know that already.

The funny part is that even though so many models are now being made for e-power from the off, they still often have a glow-ish placed firewall. Go figure! There's many complex, expensive and/or diddly ways of dealing with that shortness of motor, but the plywood discs that come in Sig's Four Star 20EP kit to mount behind a motor have an elegant simplicity to them.

One thing you need to do is have a good hatch security system. My Four Star 40 above preceded small rare earth magnets and had a mechanical latch, though it did eventually catch up with magnetic technology. The FS 20 uses a tab at the front that latches under the forward top decking and is full fuselage internal width. At the back is a 1/4" diameter magnet in the vertical formers of the hatch and fuselage top deck. Holler if that's not clear and I'll ship you a photo off my real computer.

When you get to building, as usual, address the hatch as soon as possible. It's much easier to make them fit nice when you can get at things than to diddle with a largely finished model.

Looking forwards to how your V60 project goes.

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