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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
Bruce Tharpe (who designed the original Sig 4 Star 40 & 120 while at Sig) is getting ready to release a batch of new kits for his Venture 60. I plan on getting one & converting it to EP. Is there anyone out there who has converted one of these before?

If so, I would welcome any suggestions on the best way to do it, particularly in building the Lipo hatch in the area where the fuel tank goes. I want to have a top hatch access without weakening that area of the fuse. Everything else should be fairly straight forward. Thanks,

Yeah, those larger electric conversions can work out very well. With quality electric motors/ESC/batteries, they can easily outperform the same model with glow power.

And they start everytime, regardless of temperature. Speaking of that, be absolutely certain to put in protection against accidentally starting that motor up front. When you get to these size power systems, that prop on the front can do real damage.

I've used a Spektrum DX7 with a programming mix to kill the throttle unless the gear switch is active. It's much easier to do with my Spektrum DX8.

Here are some conversions I've done:
Thread on 70 size glow engine conversion to electric

Hacker 6S2P A123 powered Models

AEAJR's Site on Electric Power

BEC Linear Current Rating
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