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I have settled on 9x4 props, 1300 KV motors.
Peak amps seems to be 128 A per prop, up from benchmarks of 58A, 4S
I am not too sure why this is so-maybe the inefficiencies of 3 motors add up?

Best deal on motors is iFlight shop, Grumman Albatross cowls from Parkflyer plastics.
micro belt drive parts from SDP.

Here is a more developed version of the ganged motor array, including stiffeners and
air exit holes.
It is now due to be broken into layers and dimensioned up.

The layered detail is getting a bit undecipherable now.
There is no need for a fake engine front-this thing looks sufficiently impressive peeking through the cowl!

I think I will do better with this than trying to get a rewound motor to work.
I know these motors have high output , good power to weight, and good cooling.

The main development hurdle is getting the belt to run correctly. possibly 2 of the pullies need to be disassembled and rebuilt without side plates-if they come apart.
They are aluminium alloy, and look as though they are layered.
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