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Default Freewing F-35 Lightning II V3 70mm EDF Jet

This is my Unboxing & Review for the Freewing F-35 Lightning II V3 70mm EDF Jet.

Here are my review notes for this pretty Steath Fighter EDF RC Jet:

- The paint and details are absolutely stunning on this F-35 Steath Fighter Jet.
- It comes with nice suspension, including trailing link nose gear
- Plastic coated canopy to prevent gatoring
- A big battery bay

- The main con and that is why I didn't give the simple overall build a Pro is that the servo connectors for the rudders and had a lot of paint on them making it difficult to determine polarity.
- Lights like my Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet would have been a nice touch too.
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