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Originally Posted by slipstick View Post
Sorry but that statement is simply wrong. Charging series connected cells with a constant current and no regard for the state of the individual cells is the very definition of unbalanced charging.

What you really mean is that it is fairly safe PART charging that way provided that you don't attempt to fully charge like that but always terminate the charge early and then complete the charge by balancing individual cells.

I know you said later that that was how you did it but that was after making all these dogmatic and dangerous comments about it always being better to charge through the discharge connector i.e. without balancing.

For those of us who don't want to mess about part charging with one charger, stopping the charge and completing it with a balancing charger it's still the case that balance charging is MUCH safer than unbalanced charging via the discharge connectors .

You were more direct than I was but I agree 100%

Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post

OK I do not charge LiPolys in the aircraft normaly due to the simple fact that all of mine have battery hatches. I did charge a 3S A123 inside of my MUS for over 500 times and at 20A rates but thaat was LiFePO4 not LiPoly.

I do however routinely charge LiPolys at between 3 and 12C, in my house, in my shop and on the tailgate of my Blazer at the flying field.

I use more expensive balancing chargers, I balance most every charge and I observe the charges except while the aircraft is actually in the air. During these charges I glance over to the pits a couple of timres per 5 min. flight.

I have charged LiPolys thousands and thousands of times. I have beta / field tested LiPolys,chargers,balancing chargers, balancers, data loggers, and other misc. RC equipment for many manufactures,developers,verndors.


Thanks again Charles!
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