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Originally Posted by Swift428 View Post
However, the Cellpro and ALL other more expensive, trustworthy balance chargers charge through the LiPo discharge connector. Let me say it again with even more “dogmatic” emphasis. The BEST Way and PREFERRED Way when adding mAh capacity(charging) to a LiPo pack is via the discharge connector NOT the smaller multi-pin connector.

The balancing act during charging via the smaller multi-pin connector is more of a resistance holdback of voltage. There’s some legit minds that believe it’s actually better to let the cell voltages bounce around a little (unique lithium temperament) during the charging process … instead of trying to be so controlling--like a Blinky. A Blinky is more of a control freak than a level-headed overseer.

I've just picked up a Cellpro Powerlab 8 charger. This charger can recharge a battery either through the balance connector, or by the battery power leads. Or, it can use both the balance connector AND the power leads. Your choice.

As far as my A123 packs go, I've watched the Cellpro charging process using both the balance and power leads. The Cellpro charger keeps all cells at the same voltage during the charging process, eventually leveling all of them at the same exact final voltage at the end of the charge cycle.

Agreed, those "Blinkys", as far as the A123 batteries go, IMHO simply doesn't work. And I've damaged a 6S2P A123 battery two years ago while using the blinky. The discharge and charge voltage curve on those A123 cells is just to flat for any discharging type of blinky balancer to work.

The Cellpro charger is not a discharge type of balancer, it is apparently an "additive" type of balance charger. Much different from a blinky.
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