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Hi Jerry
That 18X12 is pulling a lot of current for that Eflite 90, so doing hovers might heat the motor up, so keep an eye on the motor temperature. But, flying at 1/2 throttle or so will cause that current to drop down to perhaps 20 amps or so. I've found that my Showtime with the Hacker A50-16S pulls about 13 Amps with just enough power to keep it in the air.

As for the A123's, as long as you have air blowing over that pack during a flight, they won't get hot. I've measured about 10 degrees above ambient after a flight with an infra-red thermometer. They get hotter than than that while sitting in the hot sun.

We are under overcast skies, with rain today. But last Thursday, I did some flying with my scratch build accelerometer in my new Great Planes "Revolver". Found that this model had "G" forces as high as 9.5 G's! And that was with just a normal loop. That's covered under another thread.
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