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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
... Man I hated Al-gebra ...
Especially for you

The 'full' story.
Even a seemingly small change/error in setup can result in quite an unexpected increase.
Therefore always measure current and power in a new or changed setup.
Because current and power drawn are proportional to
  • pitch
  • #blades
  • voltage≤ respectively voltage≥
  • kv
  • diameter⁴
So even a small change/error in setup can have huge effects.
Increase in current with one or two cells added, simple table - RCG

Expensive examples.
Going from 2s to 3s, a 50% increase, would (3/2)≤=2.2 fold current, more than double, 120% extra.
A 25% increase in velocity konstant kv≥ would (1.25)≥=2 fold current, 100% extra.
A mere 10% increase in diameter would (11/10)⁴=1.1⁴=1.4 fold current, 40% extra.

Extreme examples.
Doubling voltage would 2≤=4 fold current.
Doubling velocity konstant kv≥ would 2≥=8 fold current.
Doubling diameter would 2⁴=16 fold current.

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