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It will handle some light breezes, find below 5mph gives better chance of pulling off the hover.

Keep it upwind in an area free of near trees.

As your skill increases can fly in backyard, pro flyers manage indoor living room flights! Leave that for the experts.

Was flying in backyard, behind me pavement lot, went behind me right into the sun, lost it and smacked in, ouch. Did crinkle the front slightly else no damage. Very lucky.
As mentioned earlier, strongly suggest to fly over grass, more forgiving.

As I'm learning, do give it some height, it's responses are quick, unexpected rollover and diving down, you'll appreciate the elevation for recovery.

Find the wheels small. I hand launch mine, needs only slightest rather brief up elevator till speed reached, once you get the feel it goes staight out level with correct inputs. My throttle just over half.
25C Lipo will work, the suggested 45C gives a stronger flight. I enjoy both, as medium throttle used for me.

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