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Wow, seems like you guys have been up all night, chatting about airplanes, or is it because I live across the pond in SW France?
Flydiver makes the point that I totally agree with. I have found some good information on the net, with detailed instructions on what you can do with the DX6i but nowhere can I find any comments on why I would want to do it.

Am really pleased that the T28 is 'ready to go' but am not going to try without an experienced flyer with me. The 'taking off' bit is OK, it's just the landing, as the retracts look a bit fragile.
In the meantime I'm going to buy a glider with ailerons and folding propeller, so I can land on our field.
Got the bug now, only money (or lack of it) will stop me

Have a nice day
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