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Default Help : Soloshot battery failing

My SS3 (both) are now terrible on battery ... one lasts about 20mins and other about 45mins before batterys are dead. SS say they should run for 4 hours !! Even when new - I never had more than about 1.5hrs at most ...
I tried powering from Powerbank plugged in but only gave me a little bit more ... the size of PB needed makes it crazy to try hang of the unit and let it still move etc.

Soloshot want me to send back to them ... but living in Latvia ? all way back to California ? To also have the same crap fitted in ?

Battery in the base is 6000mAh 1S LiPo ....

Has anyone similar problem ? How did you get around it ? Have you managed to open the unit to put new battery ?

I really need help on this ...

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