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Ya got any Beeman's?
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I love my Mentor. Well, except installing and removing the battery... They could have done better with that. I need it all the way aft in the compartment to balance, except with floats, then it goes all the way fwd.

Anyway, I just used the stock power setup from Tower Hobbies: Multiplex Power Pack-Himax 3528-1000 BL-55 ESC Mentor. And I get a conservative 5 minutes out of my 3s 3300 packs. I should get a parallel adapter and double up on that!

I'm happy with it, but there are others in my club who have done things like put the power system from their wrecked CarbonZ Yak54's in there, and they have a lot more zip then mine!

Give me some time to dig up what servos I used. They are Hitech equivalents of what the manual calls for. The aileron servos are good, but the elevator and rudder servos seem a bit slow. But I don't really notice while flying. (Aha! I found it. HS-81's and HS322HD's are what Multiplex says their recommendations are equivalent to. So I must have used those. Multiplex Mini HD / Multiplex Tiny S)

One recommendation I got was to use an aluminum motor mount, as the plastic one seems to worsen the resonance issue. And make sure to balance the prop really well. That's the only complaint i think I've heard about these planes. The resonant buzzing, if you don't get the motor/prop balance & installation right, and the battery mounting.

While I haven't used it yet, I have installed the tow release servo. I'd like to try some banner towing. If you're near fresh water, do yourself a favor and get the floats, too!
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