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Dereck - quick question if you don't mind. DX9 with AR636. FM switch (C) AUX1.

Have roll - pitch - yaw as suggested for FM1 - 2 - 3 all set to relative. On the AS3X screen on the DX9 - have Inut as left trim - channel is AUX1 - FM Switch C

L Trim has no affects on gain settings whatsoever. I've looked at this quite a few times and I can't see what I missed or maybe I'm not understanding the process here.

Also seeing something odd. As an example - starting gains were roll-10 pitch 12 and yaw 14

On the gains screen I'm seeing half of these values - so roll -5 pitch-6 and yaw-7

and again, using the left trimmer - the gain value changes but the value for the particular axis does not.

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