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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Why are you only looking at E-Flite brand ? The retract is a standard steerable unit that's available branded and unbranded ...... many being much cheaper than the one you linked to.

But one factor that you will not change - the overall unit size ... if you keep to the E-Flite size retract overall size - the pin will be same ... it is unlikely to be larger diameter. To have larger diameter - you most likely will have to go up in overall retract unit size - and that means heavier and need to cut fuselage to fit.

One way to reduce damage such as bent leg, is to fit a sprung leg to the pin .... a trailing arm leg would look fine on an EDF jet like Viper.
i already have a trailing front gear on my Viper. I flew and that bend too. Now i put the
5mm pin in the trunion instead and will fly later this mont. True i can get other brands
then Eflite and did get another retract with a 4.1mm pin at MotionRC. I’ll try the “homemade” 5mm in the Eflite retract first before the 4.1 from MotionRC.
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