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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
I'm of the opinion that it is not a good idea to have a stronger pin. My reason is that if you land 'hard' you need something to give so that it doesn't rip the gear out of the plane. Hence the replaceable pins.
As with all trike gear aircraft when you land you should hold the nose up and touch down on the rear 'mains' first. That is why they are called 'mains'. It takes practice but the nose gear does not suffer anywhere near the punishment.
I see so many touching down nose first or all 3 at once and the end result is always bent nose gear.
CG plays an important part when landing trike gear equipped planes. Nose heavy and you are looking for trouble during flare and overloading the nose gear. CG location is just behind the main gear. The plane should rotate easily if you put some pressure down on the tail. If it is hard to push the tail down, then the CG is too far forward and the nose gear will suffer every time.
Anyway I hope you find what you are looking for.
I see your point on better landings /flare/CG. I got trailing link on all three gears now and will try flying later this month. Thank’s to all of you
For your inputs.
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