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Since you shouldn't leave a Lipo plugged into an ESC for long term waiting or storage, always unplug it.
I have seen a rare ESC with a switch on the receiver lead, but very uncommon today.
Some ESCs used to have an arming button. They didn't do much until you pushed the button, telling them you are ready to go.

I have made a total safe switch by using a series battery connector with one of the battery connectors glued into the side of my seaplane. I made a shorted out battery plug that goes into that when I am ready to fly. It takes a few minutes to get inside the seaplane, so I wanted something that other people could figure out.
The battery plugs into the lead hanging from the inside of the plane, the ESC is plugged into the other lead.
You can buy them also,
here is just one listing, although it has Deans connectors, I had problems with them so now I only use XT60s.
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