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I love that Little 2408-21 motor its a Power house it has 2 little issues with it, and here is how you correct it, the radial or stick mount need to be epoxied to the motor, or the motor will turn in the mount and twist and break the motor wires over time, by using 5 min epoxy that will prevent that, dont get any epoxy on the rear bearing, also, the wires that come out of the motor will vibrate and break over time, here is the cure for that too cover the magnets with some masking tape on the bell on the wire side, so no epoxy gets into the magnets, add some 5 min epoxy to the wires that come out of the motor and epoxy them to the windings and motor mount to secure them better, thats all there is to it, now you have a Bullet proof bell motor, well almost on 3 cells with a 7x6 SF prop, that 2408-21 motor really comes alive, Take care and have fun, Chellie

Remove the radial mount 2 screws, clean the mount and motor with rubbing alcohol, add the epoxy to the motor, slip on the mount and replace the 2 screws, or slip on the stick mount and tighten.
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