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Originally Posted by jap71173 View Post
Found this esc in my pile of junk and want to use it for a lightweight 3d foamy...

Can someone please tell me what the extra 2 wires are for that are on the motor side of the esc??? Is this just a programing plug or is it something to do with the BEC?
Dang that question came up before and I forgot whats its for, I think its for a arming switch, so the motor does not accidently take off on you, if i remember right I will try to find the post that has those 2 extra wires on the esc, Take care and have fun, Chellie

hook the esc to a receiver, mount the motor, add a lipo, and see if it works, if not the 2 extra wires might have to be connected to each other, i could be a safety item on a plane, are there any markings on the ESC
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