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Originally Posted by jap71173 View Post
Found this esc in my pile of junk and want to use it for a lightweight 3d foamy...

Can someone please tell me what the extra 2 wires are for that are on the motor side of the esc??? Is this just a programing plug or is it something to do with the BEC?

First of all - insulate those deans plug connections !!

The extra plug only has red and black leads - no signal wire ... and it's a plug - not a socket ... mmmmm
It cannot be for high power load as the leads are too thin. So it must be an arming or low power take of ..

I'd connect up to a lipo with servo tester and see what happens ... if no joy then I'd jump the leads on that extra and see what happens then ...

A standard radio switch could be the answer plugged onto it ... to disarm the ESC ............... but needs testing with a meter and run her up to see.

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