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I guess I was kind of sleepy when I typed the first post.

Yes they are counter-rotating props.
There is a recommended elevator compensation with flaps.
I have a slow servo setting on my JR 9303's
The plane came with the power 25's so it will be awhile before I can afford to up the power, I may (probably) have to replace the batteries first.

I am leaving on a month long RV trip to Wyoming next week, I don't have the time to triple check everything and try to get in a maiden flight before I leave, so it will be 6 weeks or so before I can maiden it.

I had to do a lot of work, the motor nacelles were almost ready to fall off, there wasn't much holding them in place when I started poking around.
E-Flite is kind of stupid, they painted the inside of the fiberglass nacelles with the gloss paint used on the outside. Then they tell you to glue the nacelles to the wing with 6 minute epoxy. That seems to work until you start really looking and checking things. Just the tip of an Exacto blade at the edge of the glue would pop the whole joint loose.
I removed everything and then carefully sanded the paint off without damaging the fiberglass, not trying to get every speck off. Cleaned with alcohol then re-glued every thing with West System's G-flex epoxy, expensive, but it bonds very well.
The firewalls were starting to come apart and loose from the nacelles so I had to fix them also.
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