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Well, the motors finally arrived (no thanks to our awful royal snail mail), and I'm flying again! Installed the Towerpro first, mainly because its the heaviest motor, i figured if i can trim it to fly ok with that, the lighter motor would be no problem. Made a new mount from balsa block and a few long M3 bolts, with 2 degrees offset in down and right built into the shape of the block. this should make any further motor changes straightforward too. Still using the origional fit 8x4 prop, model flew great, with approx 20% more thrust everywhere. Downside is its heavier on the front end, so had to modify the battery bay a little to get the CofG right, and takeoffs need about 10 feet more, but, (and i guess this is due to added weight) a lot more stable, slow speed flight still pretty good. I have another 8x5 prop which i think will give me a bit more, with the new motors increased torque but have yet to try this one. May give the other motor a run or three, see how it compares. Should give a few more revs as smaller case, but unsure how it will compare under load as i dont have wattmeter/rev counter. Overall, pleased so far, not too much cost on repairs/mods, and, thanks to all the info i'm learning on a daily basis through wattflyers getting more fun every time i go out (except today when i had to give up after 3 flights as the cold made my thumbs too numb!)
Wel, i fitted the A2212-10 motor last night, and flew today with the same 8x4 prop. Big improvment! Higher revs, less than half throttle steady flight no problem, and better takeoffs & landing due less weight. Then i tried the 8x5 prop, much better. Quieter to the point of almost silent on half throttle at around 50ft, but enough thrust for vertical when i felt like it. Batteries and esc all cool after flights of mixed throttle 12 mins duration, so i think i will stick with this setup for a while. Once again, many thanks to Dr Kiwi for the help, turned a wreck into a fun machine, woo hoo!
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