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As already said, have had a while now! Wings and fuse are pretty robust, and easily repaired with 5min epoxy (dont ask) but the other good side is, very cheap to replace, so now have complete set (wings, fuse,elavator, rudder) as spares, just in case. funny thing is, since i bought these, nothing has broken. Origionally had a problem with ailerons sticking, down to crappy design, and after hearing of at least 5 other flyers who crashed with the same issue modified mine with bits from a super cub, no probs now. Other issues include an ongoing wait (8 weeks now) for motor mount, so uprated it with a tower pro from those excellent guys at giantcod rc and made my own mount to suit. Vertical no problem now, and longer flight times too, spend most of it on around half throttle, with an 8x5 (origional was 8x4) prop. in all, great fun after the mods. Next one will probably be the E Flite T34 Mentor, love the looks on that!

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