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Default Tru-Turn - really?

Just received the $33 Tru-Turn aluminum "Turbo Cool" 2.5" aluminum spinner, along with the $15 collet adapter required for the 5mm motor shaft it's going to be mounted on.

On opening the packages, I find a small note: "To mount a Tru-Turn spinner on a (adapter number) the back-plate bore must be reamed to .438". This must be done accurately! Send back-plate & $7.50 to Tru-Turn for precision ream."

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The spinner is for electric motors. The collet adapters for electric motor shafts are required. Can someone explain to me why I should have to spend another $7.50 (plus postage) so they can make their own parts fit properly? It's not like the spinner and adapter are cheap!

Looks like I'll be boxing up the back plate and sending it to my machinist friend with instructions to ream the center hole out. I'll still be out postage, but at least they won't get any more money from me. And by not getting money from me, I mean never again!
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