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Originally Posted by sportflyer View Post
Yes I read that topic but it still does not answer my first question : When after power up do I do the center point calibration . Immediately , anytime after power up? Normally there is a window of time after power up to do it.
You should only need do it once - and its not centre point - its to set the neutral attitude of the model. It should when first installed be set with model level in all attitudes ... then that's it. Everytime after that you power up - it should use that setting. You only need do it again if you change something.

1 sec after connecting LIPO is not doable. So my interpretation is that the 1 sec refers to the actual switching time between Rate and HH ie do it very quickly!
No - its that when powered up - if you want to reset calibration - you quickly flick the switch 2x back and forth basically in 1 sec. That puts its into calibration mode ... once finished - one or more servos will move to show completed.

The OP is not quite correct in stating that the gyro mode switch cannot be programmed. In my TX I can program the 3 positionn switch by setting the servo position . so I set it to be p1 =0 , p2= -100 , p3= +100 . Now I get OFF, Rate , HH . I guess it depends on the the TX . If you can program a curve then it can be done , otherwise no.
In a programmable radio - setting each line for each position of switch with a number as you say - will determine what mode. Its just that he didn't do that. He may not be able to .. some cheap radios are set on the position switch..... luckily a thing of the past.

Does any one know who the manufacturer of this NX-3 gyro is? Maybe they can clarify their instructions.
No idea
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