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Default Walkera 1#B 2.4ghz

I recently Purchased a Walkera 1#B 2.4ghz Heli (waiting for it to arrive)
and was wondering if anyone has flown one or seen it in person... also, can it be confermed that this will be the one in the pictures.. With the metal upgrade parts.... I've read that it should automatically come with them but The Page Description suggests otherwise...

I'm a decent Airplane Pilot, Dabbling In Heli's... I have Walkera 5g6 Metal upgrade 2.4ghz Coax, Thats Fantastic. Its Great For In My shop... Where I can Sling It around pretty good... I'm Very Impressed with this little micro heli and if the Other is At least this good quality, I'm Looking forward to some good fun...

I Recently Purhased (still awaiting Delivery) a Art-tech md500 Coax Heli, and Will Probibly fly that and practice on the sim before touching the walkera 1b,

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