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A geek dies and goes to heaven.

After spending a few days there, he realizes there are a lot of people he wants to talk to, and a lot of questions he wants to ask them. He walks up to an angel and asks, "So how come we don't have iPads up here? It would be really nice to have an iPad; that way I could jot down a note about something I want to ask someone, and when I meet them, I can look it up again."

The angel says, "Dear brother, in heaven we do not need iPads to remember things for us, for we have perfect memory."

The geek replies, "But I heard rumors that in hell they have iPads. Why would they have them down there if we don't up here?"

The angel says simply, "Here's a telescope. See for yourself."

So the geek looks through the telescope. "Huh," he exclaims. "It looks like they're all looking for chargers!"
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