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As many know ... I stumped up for building my 'Mancave' ....

Total internal square is 12m x 8m
2 1/2 stories high.
Ground floor originally was to be 3 LARGE car slots (I measured my Renault Master Van to determine each slot size). But eventually moved stairs into the #3 slot and made that Boat Gear store, with stairs to upper floors. So I have 2 car garage - I can fully open all car doors without hitting walls etc. Then 3rd slot is store.
Second floor is divided into : Bar / Club room of 4m x 8m, with divider wall leading to workshop area 8m x 8m.

Workshop has benching all round the outer walls except where door to full length balcony ... my Laser machine sits near door to allow vent pipe to be put outside. There is a central walk round bench of 3m x 1.6m as well.

Third floor is half height as local Council restrict total height to no more than that of main house ... strange rule - but there it is !! It only extends halfway back so is 12m x 4m and accessed by drop down loft ladder. Idea was to use the area as Model Hangar / general storage.

While being built :

Workshop :

Video tour :

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