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Default Control Throws - what's right? What if it's too little?

OK, how much control throw do you need? Do I need?

I ask thing for many reasons - got a UM T-28 and bound it to my DX6i. Attempted to fly it...ok, it didn't go well. Took it to an experienced pilot for help and he immediately said I had WAY too much aileron throw - to get it to the 1/8" he recomended I ended up with d/r set at 60%!

I bought a 3 channel foamie and while ti can be flown slowly it cna also scream - I know that at higher speeds you need less control throw...this came with no instructions.

I bought an airfield 800mm T38 and it has nothing on radio set up or control throws - not word 1.

I set up my galaxy F3P and for sport it recomends about 1" rudder and for 3D 4" - yes, 4 times as much throw. But at least it has recomendations.

I let my son fly my champ on the included TX and it has a 'trainer' mode that appears to reduce throws a great deal. It still flies fine- may even be easier to fly smoothly.

Here are my questions:
I know what too much throw can do....what about too little?
How do you determine the right amount on a new plane?
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