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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Yep, whatever feels right for you. if your Tx has exponential then it's possible to set much higher control thrown and still avoid 'twitchiness' by making the movement gentler around centre.
Mathematically speaking, what does that mean?

I know with D/R if it's at 100% and the rudder moves 3" and you set it to 50% the rudder should move 1.5 inches.

AFAIK expo won't affect the total throw. So if you set it at 30% or 60% what does that exactly mean? If the rudder can move 2" total and you set expo at 50%, where is the stick when the rudder has moved 1" I guess is the question.

I was told if you set expo too high (say, over 50%) you can get a plane that can't be flown.

HELP! I feel lost at the moment on understanding this.
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