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It's one of those "if it looks righ, it probably is right" items.

I find that the brain and eye is often not far wrong in deciding throws.

For a new model - I usually set full throw at just a little more than manual or my eye says ... ie ~+10% .... with D/R set at about 60% so I have both worlds ... crazy and docile.

My thought being that if CoG and other factors are OK .. you should be able to glide on low throttle - so D/R should be enough to do a long glide landing. The little bit extra on full is that you have no idea what will happen at that first take-off / launch and I want a good amount of control to bang nose down or whatever.

Once I have model trimmed and finished that first sortie - I then have good idea of what to reduce or increase to.

That's my way anyway ........... each to their own.
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