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Originally Posted by CNY_Dave View Post
Having a UM T28 I have to say I'm surprised anyone would find the aileron throw to be overly large (this addressed to your friend who looked at it), the roll rate and control authority is not very high (which is what makes it a good first 4ch plane).

I guess it depends on the radio. I have a DX6i and bound it to that - my ailerons would go a good 1/2 inch up and another 1/2 inch down! Is that a lot?

For comparison on the factory freebie radio on the champ the 'easy' setting has the rudder moving 1/16 inch. My son thought it wasn't moving at all. And that's on the stock holes on the surfaces.

From what I know and have asked folks you need a LOT less aileron throw than you do rudder and a three channel tail dragger often needs a bit more rudder throw to work well.

I'm gonna bind a factor radio to the T28 and see what it shows for throws in regular and 'easy'. I"ll report back what I find (may be a few days though - I've got a ton of work to do this week)

Originally Posted by CNY_Dave View Post
For a new 4ch flyer, reducing the throws is indeed a good thing, even for this mild flyer. A little goes a long way when you are new to it, and at max throws it would seem to be moving about quite a bit with full throws.

Had I done this at home instead of fly in(many distraction, over confidence, etc) I would likely have done some research or tried a 'stock' radio on it first to see about control movements. See, I know to dial it back for my newbie son, but for me? Heck no, I can be as stupid as the best of them!
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