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OK, here's what I got for control travel on teh UM T28, one direction, from neutral

factory 'free' radio
Surface Easy Std DX6i (at 100%)
Rudder 4mm 5mm 7mm
Elevator 3mm 4mm 4mm
Ailerons 3mm 4mm 6mm

Assuming as a newbie I should be on the easy end of things the ailerons were twice the throw, rudder nearly double and elevator a bit more. 1mm on a 14" ws model is considerably more effective than it would be a 40" ws model, and its more effective at higher speeds too - so 1mm on the T28 will do more than 1mm on a champ. And for anyone thinking this is a mildly powered machine,it's thrust exceeds it's weight so it will climb completely vertical.

I've dialed it back now to the 'soft easy' throws and added 40% ish expo while watching the surfaces move. We'll see how that works to tame the aircraft -and my thumbs.

Anyone use expo on throttle? I can't see reducing it's total output.
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