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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post

If you can additionally program in some expo to soften the center, you can use TLAR for even advanced "3D" capable models. Mild expo usually helps beginners with any aircraft (20% to 30%) High expo can really help with the extreme sensitivity of a 3D capable aircraft (50% to 70% at times)
My only comment here, is from personal experience. It might not be wise to use exponential on the models maiden flight.

Why? I nearly lost a giant scale model on its maiden flight because of this several years ago. On the maiden flight, I ran out of elevator trim adjustment to keep the model from diving. So, had to hold up elevator to keep it level.

And, with expo set to 30% on the elevator function, that put the transmitter in the quick response of the expo, where just a minor movement of the elevator stick resulted in major movement of the elevator servo.

So, every maiden flight since, no expo on either the aileron or elevator servos!
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