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Using the stock (out of the box) Parkzone T-28 and Spektrum DX6i as examples, for the maiden flight by an intermediate pilot with little low wing flight experience, we set the planes surface control linkage (after intitial centering) as follows:

All control horns set to the most outer hole.

Aileron servo arms set to the most outer hole.

Rudder servo arm set to the middle hole.

Elevator sero arm set to the middle hole.

The Spektrum DX6i was programmed as follows:

D/R & Expo only:
AILE 1 = 50%
ELEV 1 = 44%
RUDD = 70% - 85%
Travel = 100%
No other TX programing was performed, since we had previously experienced CCP heli flight set-ups, there would be no real need for any Expo or Throttle adjustments given the flight characteristics of this craft and the pilots flying ability.

We have since (after 14 flights on the T-28), increased the AILE 1 and ELEV 1 values to be a little more responsive................AILE 1= 60%, ELEV 1= 50%, due to the pilots (me) increase in confidence and control....of course, every pilot has different needs and comfort levels, so the examples above seem to fit this pilots abilities and comfort level.

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