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Ok. Shot in the dark here.
What frame rate are you connecting to the receiver with.
11ms or 22ms?
Your apprentice is using digital servos as I understand it.
I remember reading a response from horizon hobby to a support question about mixing digital and analog servos.
The service rep specifically said to use a 22ms frame rate with their digital servos or servo jitter will result.
Let's think about what happens when you add servo jitter to an asx3 system.
The servo would constantly move past center which will cause the asx3 system to compensate. This would keep happening faster and faster till the entire tail surface is fluttering.
This would probably not manifest in static testing as there is no resisting force against the servos.

My advice is go into your radio's system settings a set your frame rate from auto to 22ms and give it one more try.
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