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Originally Posted by woodmangler View Post
It is definitely much worse on a gentle down slope

Full throttle into the wind or climbing it was barely noticeable.
So I'm reading this as it only shows up significantly if you dive at full throttle?... yes?

If so 'easy' answer is pretty obvious, you are going too fast, don't dive at full throttle. To be honest is could be that all Apprentices do this, the one you found a video of earlier clearly had the same issue. I've never actually flown one around like a pylon racer, it just didn't seem appropriate for the type of plane it is so quite probably the ones at my field would do it too if provoked. The Apprentice is much happier just cruising around at 1/2 to 3/4 power like a basic trainer is intended to fly. It's not unusual to have to be careful about exceeding a planes maximum safe speed in a dive. It applies to all full size planes and you need to be carefull with many RC planes too.

If you want to be able to go flat out in a dive then I think you will have to stiffen the tail up. 2mm carbon rods to form a tail brace should do the trick.
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