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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Given that a Lemon or Orange Rx can be had for peanuts - I would buy one of those and swap out the Spektrum one. You can get Stabiliser Gyro Rx's in Lemon and Orange - but I have feeling you don't need that. Get a non stabilised version ..

Totally agree. Get a radio receiver with no bells and whistles, Lemon or Orange. Then when the plane flies great you can get a gyro stabilized version of either and they work great.

Now, you should e-mail Horizon, link them to all the discussions we've had here, carefully calling attention to how their inattentiveness has resulted in real damage to Horizon's reputation and ask if they can make you into a happy customer who will spend equal amounts of energy telling everyone how GOOD it works and how they stepped up to the plate and finally solved your problem. You've jumped around to new threads all over the place here and been difficult to follow, but I'd link them to ALL of them.

Someone looking at Wattflyer and considering an Apprentice wouldn't be too likely to pull the trigger right now. But they have a golden opportunity to fix this! <smile>

And don't say anything after that. You want pure, oppressive silence, because the first person to say something loses. Make THEM say something first and then reply hesitantly. Mention that because of their inattentiveness the only reason you're flying right now is because you paid for their mistakes, and they've cost you <dollar amount goes here>. Be very silent again. They must talk first or you lose.

In other words, back 'em down and then back 'em down again. Then if they follow through, do what you say. Post about how they fixed your problem and how you're a happy camper now.

If they don't help maybe it's time to go to that other forum we don't mention around here (RC Groups) and tell THEM what your experiences have been.

If Horizon's going to turn over a new leaf and become a customer no service company, everybody deserves to hear about it.
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