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Originally Posted by woodmangler View Post
I was not even close to full throttle... less than 3/4 throttle and even less - seems like the slight downward angle made it worse
ok, so if it's doing it at part throttle that makes it all the more strange.

The non-stabilised Rx would be a way to at least rule out the possibility that it's gyro gain. I'd second the previous recommendation for Lemon Rx brand receivers, I use them in all my planes and helis these days. I actually prefer them to genuine Spektrum receivers and they are so cheap that it's not too much of an investment even if it turns out not to be the issue. I've had nothing but good results with Orange Rx receivers too but prefer the design of the Lemon Rx versions.

In the meantime if you fly just keep it slow and avoid diving under power.....
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