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Default *!$^ $*&! Push Pull Rudder Help

DOH! This is driving me crazy. I got my PA Addiction S. Beautiful airplane but do not believe a word that this dang thing can be put together in two evenings. BS It to me more like 45 to 50 hours. Granted it has been a long time since I built one, thus why I went ARF.

So anyway took it out for the Maiden flight today. During 2nd flight I lost Yaw control, not fully, but very sloppy and loose. Brought it in low and slow to see what was wrong and seen the rudder flapping around.

Here is the beauty of this plane. I am a rank beginner 3D pilot. Have a Visionaire and could never hover or do harriers worth a darn. Made another pass to land. It was almost effortless to bring the damn thing in real slow, go into a Harrier, then Hung it on the prop, and snatched it out of the air.

OK enough background and bragging. It took me forever to get the rudder even close with -18 trim. None the less still had specified travel. Well during the second flight, the control linkage bar slipped. Not sure how as I had the set screw tight as I could without twisting ther head off.

I need some experienced help or tips sitting up a Pull-Pull Rudder It uses Kevlar string, and hooks. What makes it really challenging is the Rudder Servo is in the Motor Box.

So how the HECK does a guy Dead Center the Servo and Rudder with tight ropes?

I have not seen other setups but PA IMO is Piss Poor. One would think they would use some type of Augar or Helical Screw to adjust linkages without takingg anything apart. But NO, not PA. No they use Pins that slides through collar with a set screw. You have to take the Servo arm off, adjust the Pin length, set ths screw. and string it back on the Servo Arm under tension, like an ole cross bow string.

Then by some Magic you end up centered with the proper tension on the string WTF
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