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Note the kits tend to come with metal clevices... these tend to unwind in flight even with the lock nut. good way to end up with no control.

Your set with the brass cotter key will tend to slip unless you bend the ends away from each other. the set screw is virtually useless.
Since your kit calls for the light duty set using the cotter pin, 2mm would be appropriate and plain white nylon clevices will be fine.
Special clevices specific for the control horns in the kit...but they are heavy duty glass-filled nylon and won't slip on the threads for years.
the threaded bits to connect the pull-pull cables to the clevices are the kind that can cut the line if not deburred.

Eyebolts (come in many sizes)

Note: DO NOT use the picture hanging eyebolts that have wood screw style thread in a clevice. They will cut the clevice and it will fail.

Do not use 2mm threaded rod or eyebolt in a 2-56 size clevice. It will feel fine as you install it but the clevice will slide off in flight.
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