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2mm eyebolt + 2mm plastic clevice would be reasonably light but not as light as the cotter key + screw link. without hunting up parts and a scale I'd expect the clevice + eyebolt to be about double the weight of the cotter pin + screw lock connector.
A couple of grams vs maybe 4 grams.

DuBro makes smaller size nylon clevices but finding the smaller eyebolts could be difficult.

As I said earlier... I don't like a metal clevice in a pull-pull. The only way I have found to make them not come unthreaded is to use locktite, which has to be reapplied (then wait for it to set up) if you adjust. You can apply CA as thread locker but then its 50-50 on being able to adjust ever again.

CA also makes many plastics brittle and weak, so keep it away from plastic or nylon clevices. Yo don't want to find out that CE weakened your clevice.
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