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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post
OK I have been using Robert Shaw 30-minute Epoxy and not happy with it as it is too brittle when dried and cured. It is somewhat pliable at room temps and higher. But today is our first cool day down here in TX. It is a very chilly 58 degrees this morning. I went out to the garage this morning to work on my plane when I made a shocking discovery. A few days ago I mixed up some Epoxy for a model I am working on, and still had the wax paper I used to mix the last batch. So to tidy up I went to throw it away, and as soon as I picked up the paper to wad it up, the glue literally exploded and shattered into a hundred pieces with almost no effort, It is as fragile as very thin glass like glass used to make Xmas tree globes.

So does anyone know where one can find some good pliable epoxy that does not turn to glass in cool weather?
You caused this by using wax paper to mix the epoxy on. Any wax coated container can cause this problem; always mix on a material that will not contaminate the mix. Use glass, clear plastic, wood, most types of paper etc. to mix the epoxy in. Also, if you did not pay close attention to the ratio of the two parts, you can get poor cure results. Usually, to much hardner will cause a brittle result, to little gives you slow cure or low strength results.
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