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Originally Posted by Rodneh View Post
You caused this by using wax paper to mix the epoxy on. Any wax coated container can cause this problem; always mix on a material that will not contaminate the mix. Use glass, clear plastic, wood, most types of paper etc. to mix the epoxy in. Also, if you did not pay close attention to the ratio of the two parts, you can get poor cure results. Usually, to much hardner will cause a brittle result, to little gives you slow cure or low strength results.
Sorry cannot agree about the Wax paper .......... I've used it many times and never had any ill effects from it.

Only time I had bad Epoxy joints is when dust or particles contaminated the mix either on mixing surface or the joints to be made.

Another item that can create 'brittle Epoxy' ... but you would notice instantly ... is if CA contacts the epoxy mix. It instantly goes hard ... turns white ...
It's an old trick to dab ends of an epoxy run to hold the joint while rest of the epoxy cures.

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