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Originally Posted by cliffh View Post
You seem to have a very good grip on things there and your math looks correct.

Just remember that that 166 extra watts with the 4S will also drain your battery quicker. Going from a 3500mAh pack to a 2200mAh pack AND increasing the power drain will reduce your flight time.

Be SURE to keep the C rating in mind also. A 20C 3500 pack is rated at 70 amps. A 20C 2200 pack is rated at 44 amps. You will be around the limit with a 20C pack IF the C-rating is correct....and I always leave a pretty large fudge factor in there.

If you go with shorter flight times and a 2200 pack, be sure to purchase a high C rating battery.

Thanks Cliff, the 4S I was looking at was a 35C, but that would be too much for my ESC now that you mention it since it is rated for 45 amp continuous run with a 50 amp surge.

So wouldn't a 20C 3000 -3500 mAh battery be too much for the ESC since that could potentially be pulling 60 to 70 amps? Do I need to get an ESC rated for 60 amps or more? Seems to me that could cause the ESC to burn up but then I am not sure that is the case.

Sorry for all the questions guys but being new to electric and pretty much just so sticking with recommended batteries and pre-installed ESCs I want learn as much as I can about this and start experimenting with my own set ups but don't want to burn up equipment and be paying through the nose.
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