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1) Setup with 4 identical motors AND 4 identical ESCs
2) Connect 2 ESCs to a Y-connector (let's say this is the left wing)
3) Connect the other 2 ESCs to a Y-connector (let's say this is the right wing)
4) Connect the male plug from both Y-connectors to a third y-connector and plug that into your throttle channel on the receiver.
AS LONG AS all 4 ESCs are identical, the output voltage from each should be within 0.1 volt of each other, so there will be no problem using the BEC circuit from all of them at once and you won't need to remove any red wires. Use a voltmeter to verify the outputs, it is important, as this will only work if the voltages are well-matched. Otherwise you WILL ruin at least one ESC.
5) Connect an identical battery to each ESC
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