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Default Finished my GWS ME-262....

WW2 bird with fairly conventional WWS fighter lines and EDF fans to boot... what's not to luv?!

Build was very easy and with the newer GWS kits, I didn't have any issues with the fans or spindles like in the older kits.

I also utilized the nacell covers and sturdy nose cone I got from one of the guys on the RCGroups board... really nice add on...

I am a bit concerned with air flow after my 2200 20C battery was already warm after bench testing the motors, so I put a hole in the botton of the nose cone and glued a tube into it directing air right to the batter and ESC area.

All in all, nice kit and sounds way cool when I run up the motors... I got the whole thing as a bundle from the GWS website and it came complete minus battery and RX for $199 and it included dual 30amp ESC, 4 servos, 2 fan units and 2 motors. (It came with the higher KV blue motors not the green) and all y-harnesses and extension wires.

I ran it up last night and it really seems to have great thrust....

Check it out!

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