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Originally Posted by max2112 View Post
You have a FANTASTIC looking warbird, jismail! "Job Well Done!" on your paint scheme and realist looking cammo. She looks great and I can't wait to hear how the maiden flight goes.

Your inlet tube for the cooling air looks good, too. How did you setup your exit hole for the air? I've always been taught that for any incoming airflow (for cooling anyways) you should have twice the outlet.

Again, ConGrats on a great looking foamie!

Thanks for the kind words. I used sponges to make the camo with a base of medium green, and highlights of olive drab and dark green. The bottom is gull grey.

The airflow exit is already made in the tail and by design is supposed to be fed by the 4 gun ports in the nose but I didn't see enough airflow with just them (plus I further reduced the amount of air by putting in gun barrels) so that is whey I put in a 1/4 inch tube in the bottom of the nose cone.
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