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Originally Posted by jismail View Post
I too have the ESCs in the fuselage. Is that really going to be a problem? In addtion I am not running a seperate BEC. Do you think the stock motors and servos draws enough current to need a seperate BEC with this setup? (4 servos and 2 motors)
I really wasn't overdrawing mine. They just slowly heated up to the point that the shrink wrap peeled off. Shut down right on my landing approach after 4 min flying. The ESCs still work, as I believe the BEC (use only 1 of 2) got too hot and shutdown. I think the moral of the story is that no matter how large of an ESC you use, it will still overheat without some ventilation. My new one has the ESCs in the fans, but if I were to put them in the fuse again, I'd cut a hole in the wing and put an air scoop on it. Not the prettiest, but then again I'd still have my first 262 also.

Vtol, you are on your 9th? You should have enough parts left over to build some really cool scratcbuilds. Gotta get you to check out the Luft'46 site.

BTW, I just got another NPS kit the other day. Get 'em while they're still 40 bucks. Had the fans already, since my current one has Microfans and resized nacelles.
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