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Default very unsucessful maiden....

My friend and I each built a 262 and we headed out to the field last weekend for the long anticipated maidens......

well, it didnt go as planned.

He went first and using a medium length runway, he barely cleared the wheels when it veered to the left and cartwheeled breaking his wing. It was a clean break and easily repaired on the spot.

Then it was my turn. After watching my friends takeoff, I figured it needed more speed for takeoff so I used the maximum length of the runway. I kept it on the runway as long as possible then gentlly lifted off. It flew straight and level for about 50 yards, but as I had to gain altitude and make a turn to miss the backstop at the end of the field, I was forced to make a turn.

As soon as I did, the plane seemed to stall out, did a fade to the right, and fell back to earth, breaking off my right wing, tail, and right nacell.

I was able to fix the damage, although it pretty much smashed the wing and it didnt go back together nicley because it wasnt a clean break, but the rest was okay.

So, what is the trick to this bird? It seems way to heavy for the amount of thrust the 2 stock motors are producing. I am running a 25c 3s 2200Mah lipo and based on the takeoff, I think I am balanced out well.

Is this too heavy of a bird to expect to get a decent flight out of?
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